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Top Albums of 2021

As I’ve said before… It’s a hard habit to break when you’ve been a music journalist. End of year lists and top tens always end up invading your mind at some point, and last year I didn’t really do one. I had been planning on doing this as a blog, but I just haven’t got round to editing it, so I’ve decided to just do a quick roundup of some of the best albums that I think came out in 2021.


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Byronic Sex & Exile – ‘Unrepentant Thunder


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Swallow The Sun – ‘Moonflowers’


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Haex – ‘Aethyr Abyss Void’


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Caina – ‘Take Me Away From All This Death’


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Gary Numan – ‘Intruder’


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Kanga – ‘You And I Will Never Die’


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Monomorte – ‘The Wiccan’


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Valhall – ‘Neversleep’


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Rob Zombie – ‘The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy’


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Cold Cave – ‘Fate In Seven Lessons’


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Allicorn – ‘Ritual Forms’


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Mater Suspiria Vision – ‘Kosmiche Musick’


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Jyrki 69 – ‘American Vampire’


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Kuollut – ‘Seeds’


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Not My God – ‘Simulacra’