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Colours single cover
'Colours' EP – Out Now

Tenderness of Wolves 2021
Photo by Dean Wilkinson – Edit by Imago Mortis


Sean (Instruments / Vox)  |  Debz (Live Synths)


Dark Atmospheric Occult Music. TENDERNESS OF WOLVES (formed 2020) are a dark/occult electronic duo from the United Kingdom.


Influenced by the experimental eclecticism of acts such as Coil, Laibach, Current 93and Cabaret Voltaire, as well as the likes of How To Destroy Angels, The Sisters of Mercy, Ulver, and Recoil. Multimedia artist Sean M. Palfrey as TENDERNESS OF WOLVES distils ambient atmospheres, darkwave grooves, and industrial dissonance into psychedelic evocations that have been compared to The White Horse, Dazed Marrow, ƧƆỴ†ɧЄ, and even “Lycia on meth”.


Our first demo EP was released on 05/11/2020 through our Lunagram Recordings imprint, you can listen in full and download it from our Bandcamp page.


 ToW is otherwise signified by the  symbol {this symbol is a recent addition to the unicode runic alphabet for the letter X. X is itself a symbol for the unknown and the end.}


Colours single cover

'Colours' EP & Video

“You reap what you sow…”

Returning with their esoteric blend of Darkwave meets Witch House; Tenderness of Wolves' debut EP, on their digital label Lunagram Recordings, turns their brooding gaze to the Sisterhood / Sisters of Mercy classic 'Colours' in an ominous homage to the original.

The track is accompanied by two alternative mixes of 'Colours', re-imaginings of their recent free singles, 'Death | Devil' & 'Anatomy of Terror', as well as experimental cuts 'Satanic Panic' and 'Terminat Hora Diem'.

The EP is available now through the band's Bandcamp page, as well as all digital stores and streaming services. A surreal music video for the title track accompanies the EP, and can be viewed on the band's YouTube channel.

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Anatomy of Terror Single Cover

'Anatomy of Terror' – Released!

Our new Single is now available to download via the Lunagram Recordings Bandcamp. You can also listen to the EP via Soundcloud and YouTube.



Death | Devil single cover

'Death | Devil' – Released!

Our new double A-Side Single is now available to download via the Lunagram Recordings Bandcamp. You can also listen to the EP via Soundcloud and YouTube.



Wasteland Volume 2 Cover

'WASTELAND: VOLUME 2' – OUT 5th MARCH 2nd April! 

'Wasteland: Volume 2' features 12 tracks mixing new and established acts from the UK and international scene, with a heady mix of new belters and exclusives.  The compilation will be available on digital download from gothcityrecords.bandcamp.com for £10 on Friday 5th March 2nd April, with all proceeds going to PAFRAS.



Tenderness of Wolves Demo Cover
'Demo:MMXX' – Released!

Our demo is now available to download via the Lunagram Recordings Bandcamp as a Pay What You Want release. You can also listen to the EP via Soundcloud below:

Main Releases




'Demo:MMXX' Tenderness of Wolves Demo Cover


November 2020
Written and Produced by Sean M. Palfrey


Track List
1. Death
2. Devil
3. Anatomy of Terror
4. Satanic Panic
5. Bonus Track (Terminat Hora Diem)


Download (Pay What You Want)
Listen on Soundcloud


The EP opens with "Death", dark atmospheric ambient piece, led by melancholic piano and thumping drums, and backed with haunted gospel wailing, that immediately made me think of White Horse's epic Revenant Gospels LP. Up next is "Devil", which feels like falling down from the purgatory to the bottom of the hell, all to an accompaniment of a choir of lost souls. "Anatomy of Terror" follows up this vibe, with dark brooding synth matched with titular vocal sample. "Satanic Panic" sounds like something that could easily be pulled from our Witch-House.com presents: Communion compilation, slow menacing beat led by faded buzzing synth. It has a bit of an early Dazed Marrow vibe mixed with ƧƆỴ†ɧЄ. The bonus track is a drone transmission, set somewhere between a dream and reality, great way to wrap up the release. – www.witch-house.com




Death | Devil single cover'Death | Devil' Double A-Side Single

October 2021
Written and Produced by Sean M. Palfrey


Track List
A1. Death
A2. Devil


Download (Pay What You Want)
Listen on Soundcloud


 "Death" is a ghostly dirge, a slow-moving dark ambient funeral procession escorted by sombre keys and melancholic gospel vocals, leading the listener in a trance-like state to the "Devil". Track two amps up the tempo with its pulsating throbs and brooding synths, supported by an angelic choir in the background. Fans of early releases from V▲LH▲LL and ∆AIMON (as well as The Banks Brothers' "He’ll Roll Your Burdens Away") pay attention. – Mutant Zones


Anatomy of Terror Single Cover'Anatomy of Terror' Single

November 2021
Written and Produced by Sean M. Palfrey


Track List
A. Anatomy of Terror
B. Betrothed of the Devil


Download (Pay What You Want) 
Listen on Soundcloud






Colours single cover'Colours' EP


Colours – Originally written and produced by Andrew Eldritch (The Sisterhood / Sisters of Mercy)
Death, Satanic Panic, Devil, Anatomy of Terror, Terminat Hora Diem – Written and produced by Sean M. Palfrey


Track List
1. Colours 
2. Death (Becoming)
3. Satanic Panic
4. Colours (Marching Men)
5. Devil (Pandaemonium)
6. Anatomy of Dub
7. Colours (12" Mix)
8. Terminat Hora Diem


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"The debut EP from Tenderness Of Wolves has finally landed. "Colours" consists of 8 horror-themed landscapes, which while rooted in the old school witch-house approach, manage to defy categorisation by the genre's modern standards." – Mutant Zones


Coming Soon

'I : Atra Mors' LPI : Atra Mors cover


Coming Soon 











Compilations / Remixes


'Wasteland vol. 2' Compilation Wasteland Volume 2 Cover


Released March April 2021
Charity Compilation: Proceeds to PAFRAS


'Betrothed of the Devil (Wasteland Version)'
Written and Produced by Sean M. Palfrey


Buy from Goth City Records




Post-Witch Music VII cover'Post-Witch Music VII [Halloween Edition]' Compilation


Halloween 2021


'Sic Transit Gloria Mundi'
Written and Produced by Sean M. Palfrey


Download from ▲Post-Witch-Music▲





 For Peace. Against War. Who Is Not? A Compilation For The People Of Ukraine'For Peace. Against War. Who Is Not? A Compilation For The People Of Ukraine' Compilation


March 2022
All proceeds from the sale of this compilation will be split evenly between the charities Vostok SOS and the Ukrainian Red Cross.


'Anatomy of Terror'
Written and Produced by Sean M. Palfrey


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Tenderness of Wolves Merchandise

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Lunagram Recordings is a UK-based Digital Only Imprint label founded in 2020 to release the musical projects of Sean M. Palfrey. Principally Tenderness of Wolves and related projects.

Our current releases are available to view via Bandcamp.

We are not currently open to demo submissions. Any future calls for compilation submissions etc. will be posted here.


Tenderness of Wolves Demo Cover Death | Devil single cover Anatomy of Terror Single Cover Colours single cover Atra Mors


DJ (cert.X)

I've decided to resurrect some of my old DJ mixes from many years ago, give them a bit of an update them and add them to my Mixcloud page.
I've made them available for download as well.
DJ (cert.X) was the moniker I was going to go by when I tried to get back into DJing and remixing about ten years ago, so I'm carrying it over as a kind of side project to Tenderness of Wolves.


DJ (cert.X) – Apocalyptic Mix


DJ (cert.X) – B4NG UR H34D Mix


DJ (cert.X) – Grave Rave





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