Sean M. Palfrey as ‘The Raven King’ Photo: Photography by Liv Free

“Classy Occultism” – Terrorizer Magazine, Sept 2008

Sean M. Palfrey (°1986, Detmold, Germany) AKA Imago Mortis makes photos, films, mixed media artworks, music, and sculpture. By referencing the traditions of alchemy and the occult, surrealism, gothic romanticism, grand-guignolesque black humour, and symbolism, Palfrey creates his work through experimental and often labour-intensive processes which can be seen explicitly as a personal exorcism ritual.

With the motto “Art is Dead | Death is Art” Palfrey distils the macabre traditions of fine art found in the surrealists, dada, romantics, pre-Raphaelites, and medieval eras to create dark conceptual photography and films; utilising elements such as infra-red, low-key lighting, long-exposures, double exposures, and traditional analogue methods. Palfrey also creates alchemy and occult inspired paintings as well as sculptural taxidermy through the crystallisation and oxidisation of skulls, bones and shells.

Palfrey has also recently embarked on a new musical journey under the moniker ‘Tenderness of Wolves‘ named after the song by industrial pioneers Coil. He has released a demo EP (2020) and is working on three singles for 2021, and a full-length album for 2022, which will be released through his own Lunagram Recordings.

In 2020 he released the first in a series of retrospective ‘zines of his photography and design work called ‘Book of Shadows, Vol. 1‘, with a second volume in the works for 2021.

Sean M. Palfrey currently lives and works in Lincoln, UK and is available for selected commissions.

– Biography graciously provided by Mr. Corbin Grimm (2017)

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BA (Hons) Creative Writing & English Literature – University of Wales, Aberystwyth 2007

MA Journalism – University of Lincoln 2010

Hands On Basic Cinematography – Raindance Short Course 2019 (with Zoran Veljkovic)


University of Lincoln – Marketing and Recruitment Coordinator (Media) College of Health and Science

University of Lincoln – Marketing Assistant (Media) for the College of Social Science 2022 – 2023

University of Lincoln – Online Media Developer for the College of Social Science: 2016 – 2022

Intravenous Magazine – Editor, Designer, Photographer, Writer: 2012 – 2019

Dominion Magazine / Terrorizer – Writer, Photographer: 2010 – 2012

Previous Clients:

The Prodigy (Band): T-Shirt – Live Exclusive (2022)

Sulpher (Band): Music Video Elements (Coming Soon)

Sulpher (Band): Album Art (Coming Soon)

Nino Sable (Band): Music Video (2021)

Nino Sable (Band): Photograph for Single Cover (2021)

Tenderness of Wolves (Band): All art, videos, graphics (2020 – Present)

Byronic Sex & Exile (Band): Music video (2020)

Sulpher (Band): T-shirt design (2019)

Noir (Band): Photography for album covers (2016 & 17)

Talanas (Band): Promotional photography (2014)

Intravenous Magazine: Album cover design and photography (2012 – 2019)

Midnight Configuration (Band): Photography for album insert (2010)

Eibon la Furies (Band): Promotional photography (2010)

Tor Marrock (Band): Footage for music video & editing (2010)

Atra Mors (Band): Logo and album cover design (2008-10)


Alivya V Free: “Sean is always a joy to work with. He has a real creative eye and produces brilliant artwork unlike any other photographer I have worked with. I would recommend him to anyone who loves to create true art.”

Deborah de Vil: “I have worked with Sean a number of times now! He’s full of fantastic, creative ideas which make our shoots together more exciting like no other. I love that we have similar interests as I adore the dark, surreal photography, spookier the better Wink I can’t recommend Sean enough! MODELS GO BOOK A SHOOT NOW! ♥”

Kirsty Hannah: “I was excited to work with Sean again as he is extremely creative and always produces unique and interesting images. My second shoot with him was brilliant, as expected. Sean is very professional and easy to get a long with, he gives good direction and is full of ideas and I love the end results from this shoot. Highly recommended photographer! Smile

Amelia-Belle: “Sean is great fun to work with. He is highly professional yet laid back, great at teamwork and willing to brainstorm ideas so the product of our shoot was a great mix of what we both wanted to create, and he had fresh ideas which he wasn’t afraid to try out. Very happy with the outcome of our last shoot and will definitely be looking to work with him again in the near future. Highly recommended!”