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It’s a hard habit to break when you’ve been a music journalist. Lists and top tens always end up invading your mind at some point. But it is the end of year roundup that is the most difficult to resist. With that in mind, here is my top 20 of 2019 in no particular order:


3Teeth – Metawar

Rammstein – Rammstein

Tool – Fear Inoculum

Sunn O))) – Life Metal

Swallow The Sun – When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light

Chelsea Wolfe – Birth Of Violence

KMFDM – Paradise

The 69 Eyes – West End

Author & Punisher – Beastland

Bestial Mouths – Inshroudss

Dawn Of Ashes – The Crypt Injection II (Non Serviam)

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Ghosteen

Drab Majesty – Magic Mirror

Gost – Valedicton

Korn – The Nothing

Lacrimas Profundre – Bleeding The Stars

A Pale Horse Named Death – When The World Becomes Undone

Caina – Gentle Illness

The Drowning – The Radiant Dark

Klack – Introducing The 1984 Renault LeCar