Vlog 21: Yule Tidings

Vlog 21: Yule Tidings 2

[embed]https://youtu.be/1KK6Cu1xw6o[/embed] A short Yule update from myself to you. Tenderness of Wolves: https://thetendernessofwolves.bandcamp.com/ Buy my art 'zine here: https://imagomortis.co.uk/book-of-shadows   Please like, subscribe, and check out my links below...

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Vlog 16: Occult Box - Unboxing

Vlog 16: Occult Box – Unboxing

  I decided to delve into the archives and revisit the Cleopatra Records' Occult Box'. This was a limited edition of 666 box set containing 5 CDs of occult themed gothic, darkwave, ambient, and witch house music that also featured a 7" vinyl disk with two...

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