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Vlog 20: Samhain BTS

[embed]http://https://youtu.be/qFTr2mGYgLk[/embed] Here's a short behind the scenes vlog from my latest video shoot for the Samhain film that premiered on Halloween this year. Another Vlog is coming soon as well! Buy my art 'zine here: https://imagomortis.co.uk/book-of-shadows Please like, subscribe, and check out my links below...

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New short film ‘Samhain’

  'Samhain' A short film by Sean M. Palfrey Starring Deborah Mortis The spirit of Samhain emerges from the Otherworld for the ancient Sabbat of the dead. She tastes the fruit of the forest's harvest and sews the seeds of the life to come. She is the portal between...

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October 2018 in review

As a few people will have noticed I've tried to be much more active on Instagram and YouTube in the previous month. Not only is this because I actually had some new video content to reveal, but also that it seems that my work tends...

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New Film – The Tarot Reader – Starring Alivya V. Free

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFAwanC4OxE]‘The Tarot Reader’ A Film by Sean M. Palfrey - Starring Alivya V. Free “Cartomancy – The art of divination using a deck of cards. The Tarot Reader attempts to gain insight into the past, present or future by formulating a question, then drawing and interpreting...

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