The Dark Art of Sean M. Palfrey est.d 2007

This year will be the year of manic creativity. I’m throwing myself into a lot of creative directions and one major part is to continue to develop my short films.

I’ve got three under my belt from last year – ‘Wiccecraft’, ‘The Tarot Reader’, and ‘Invocation’ – which show of the styles and effects I favour quite nicely. You can view these over at my YOUTUBE channel.

I’ve got a couple in the works at the moment, but if there are any models, designers, or creators of interesting things or even owners of interesting locations that would be up for a collaboration, check out my videos and drop me an email via the contact form on this site.

Latex, headdresses, historical costumes, alternative fashion, taxidermy, or curiosities etc. would all be fun to do.

Please keep in mind I’m based in Lincoln, UK if travel etc. is going to be an issue.