The Dark Art of Sean M. Palfrey est.d 2007

I know it has been a difficult year for everyone, and independent artists worldwide have suffered a lot. With that in mind I’d like to express my heart-felt thanks to everyone who has supported or continues to support my artistic endeavours. I’m lucky in a sense that I have a day job, and have been able to work from home throughout the pandemic, while still having time to create my own art on the side. This is because art for me is a passion, and not something I want to treat as purely a means to pay the bills.

Money has been tight for everyone and with the festive season upon us, it’s only going to be tighter as we try to inject some normality into our lives. That being said, any support for an independent artist such as myself is always greatly appreciated. And you can do this in two ways…

1. Check out my social media (Links Below) – A like or a share on any of the below platforms helps the algorithms work in my favour and exposes my work to more people. So even doing that is a huge help to myself and other artists.

2. Buy from me (Links Below) – I don’t work for commission, I create art because I love to do it. And any money I generate through my art goes back into buying much needed supplies and equipment to enable me to keep doing this. I currently have a print-on-demand webstore that sells everything from cheap stickers to expensive décor. I’ve also released a webzine of some of my best work. And I’ve also got a new musical project you can support through my bandcamp page.

Social Media:

Tenderness of Wolves – Soundcloud

Tenderness of Wolves – Facebook

Things To Buy:

Tenderness of Wolves – Bandcamp


I hope everyone has a happy and enjoyable festive season, and 2021 is better for us all.