Behind the scenes vlog

Vlog 19: Music Video (Behind the Scenes in a Haunted Church!)

[embed][/embed] I've been working with a brilliant band for some stuff for their upcoming album including some creepy satanic looking footage for a music video. For this, myself and Debz went to St. Boltoph's church near Skidbrooke in Lincolnshire. It's a deconsecrated church in the middle...

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Vlog 9: The Graven Call (Behind The Scenes)

[embed][/embed]   Behind the scenes on the recent video shoot for 'The Graven Call' starring Deborah de Vil. We shot on the quiet and beautiful beach at Anderby Creek in Lincolnshire and I attempted to do some interesting makeup while the sand was being whipped up by the...

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Vlog 1 – Behind The Scenes at Temple Bruer

[youtube]Just a quick look behind the scenes of a ghostly shoot I did with Deborah de Vil ( at Temple Bruer - a medieval Knights Templar preceptory church (and later belonging to the Knights Hospitallers) in Lincolnshire. You can read a bit more about...

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