Vlog 16: Occult Box - Unboxing

Vlog 16: Occult Box – Unboxing

  I decided to delve into the archives and revisit the Cleopatra Records' Occult Box'. This was a limited edition of 666 box set containing 5 CDs of occult themed gothic, darkwave, ambient, and witch house music that also featured a 7" vinyl disk with two...

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Magazines Side by Side still

Vlog 15: Book of Shadows Launches!

I've finally launched my art/photography 'Zine 'Book of Shadows Vol. 1'! The seeds of this were planted a few years ago when I was asked to create a retrospective book of my work. Unfortunately that never happened, but I eventually came back to the idea...

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Vlog 11: Occult London pt. 1

[embed]https://youtu.be/hdkGRL5Gv_Q[/embed]   I explore a few occult locations and shops in and around the Covent Garden area of London including the Freemasons Hall, the Temple church, Atlantis Bookshop, Treadwell's Books, and Watkins Books. http://theatlantisbookshop.com/ https://www.treadwells-london.com/ https://watkinsbooks.com/   More vlogs coming soon as well as more short fashion films and horror tests so...

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