Sean M. Palfrey as ‘The Raven King’ Photo: Photography by Liv Free

“Classy Occultism” – Terrorizer Magazine, Sept 2008

Sean M. Palfrey (°1986, Detmold, Germany) AKA Imago Mortis makes photos, films, mixed media artworks and sculpture. By referencing the traditions of alchemy and the occult, surrealism, gothic romanticism, grand-guignolesque black humour, and symbolism, Palfrey creates his work through experimental and often labour-intensive processes which can be seen explicitly as a personal exorcism ritual.

With the motto “Art is Dead | Death is Art” Palfrey distils the macabre traditions of fine art found in the surrealists, dada, romantics, pre-Raphaelites, and medieval eras to create dark conceptual photography utilising elements such as infra-red, low-key lighting, long-exposures, double exposures, and traditional analog methods.\palfrey also creates alchemy and occult inspired paintings as well as sculptural taxidermy through the crystallisation and oxidisation of skulls, bones and shells.

Sean M. Palfrey currently lives and works in Lincoln, UK and is available for selected commissions.

  • Biography graciously provided by Mr. Corbin Grimm (2017)