Sean M. Palfrey as ‘The Raven King’ Photo: Photography by Liv Free

“Classy Occultism” – Terrorizer Magazine, Sept 2008

Sean M. Palfrey (°1986, Detmold, Germany) AKA Imago Mortis makes photos, films and mixed media artworks. By referencing the traditions of surrealism, gothic romanticism, grand-guignolesque black humour, and symbolism, Palfrey creates his work through experimental and often labour-intensive processes which can be seen explicitly as a personal exorcism ritual.

With the motto “Art is Dead | Death is Art” Palfrey distils the macabre traditions of fine art found in the surrealists, dada, romantics, pre-Raphaelites, and medieval eras to create dark conceptual portraiture and still-life utilising elements such as infra-red, low-key lighting, long-exposures, Memento Mori, and double exposures.

Sean M. Palfrey currently lives and works in Lincoln, UK and is available for selected commissions.

  • Biography graciously provided by Mr. Corbin Grimm (2017)